Sunday, August 13, 2006

Legs in the Window

Yesterday, I was cleaning the disaster left by our first week of school. I vow to have a dedicated school room by next year. Our hub of school activity is the kitchen table. While that seems so cozy, it is also so messy. Even with my new under counter organization system, there are piles of stuff and the microscope, slides, samples and . . . . Imagine the worst, then triple it. Anyway, I know you are wondering, "What does the messy kitchen table have to do with legs in the window?"

When I was trying to find a permanent solution to the messy kitchen table and countertops, I kept seeing Princess's feet appear through the window in the kitchen door. She was in the dog trot practicing handstands and standing on her head. I could only see her legs and feet as they wobbled, found their center, and then either crashed to the doors she was using as a safety net or to the floor. Seeing the feet pop in and out of the window made me smile. I thought they might make you smile, too!


zilla said...

Big smile!

Frankie said...

It does make me smile! =)

mull-berry said...

: )