Saturday, August 12, 2006


My new hens have started laying!!!! The roosters are going crazy chasing hens and hens are squawking to announce their productivity. I wonder if I went around the house squawking would the family notice that I cleaned the kitchen, washed their clothes, and mopped the bathroom floor. Sorry, I got distracted. We have started finding eggs all over the yard. This is the children's favorite time of chicken ownership because eggs turn up in the most unexpected places (the pullets have no clue what is happening the first time they lay) and the miniature eggs are so cute. We have a few hens who have already found the nesting boxes and are using them. I leave a wooden egg in each box so the hens continue to think it is safe to lay there. It may not work, but it makes me feel better. I always have a few hens who make me search for their eggs in the hay, or on the fence row, or in the feed trough - annoying when I am in a hurry, but fun most of the time.

Now that I am ready to click the publish button, I realize that I should have put one of the extra-large eggs of my old hen next to these minis for proper scale. Trust me they are tiny - not more than a mouthful for the smallest.


mull-berry said...

cool ... neat quilt!

wisteria said...

Not a quilt, but a Choctaw apron. I live within minutes of the Choctaw Nation. They, for the most part, wear western clothes now, but when I was younger the women, especially the older ladies like Christine (American name) made and wore beautiful handmade dresses and aprons. Even the trim was hand made and unbelievably intricate. They also made beautifully colored cane baskets. Both are a dying art.

The Nation tries to encourage preservation of the craft, but few are able to produce the beauty of the last generation. I have a few great baskets. The apron, a gift, is not made by hand. Even though this apron is, at least, twenty years old, it uses store bought rick-rack. I still think it is pretty.

mull-berry said...

The Choctaw tribe was "removed" from MS and brought to OK years ago. My grandmother-in-law lives in that area ... apparently the Choctaws taught the newly immigrated Italians how to do a lot of things ... ever try "Choc Beer?" : )

p.s. small world, huh?

wisteria said...

It's a world of laughter
A world of tears
It's a world of hopes
And a world of fears
There's so much that we share
That it's time we are aware
It's a Small world after all.

Way Cool!

mull-berry said...

: )