Saturday, August 26, 2006

The Swagger and Bravado versus Reality

Last night, Pink Panther had a friend spend the night. I listened to much talk that can be expected of 10 year old boys who are trying to impress one another. I could barely keep a straight face as each boy told story after story full of danger, injuries, and bravado. I fully expected that one or the other would pull out an ID card and say, "I am John Wayne." Maybe not, but you get the picture.

I left them alone as much as I could safely do. But at 3 a.m. I heard the screen door slam and felt the need to investigate. They, who had yet to sleep, said, "We had to go to the bathroom." "We don't have an outhouse and our inside plumbing is working," I said. I also reminded them that the friend's mother would be here at nine a.m. to pick them up for Country Day and that perhaps they needed to think about sleeping. Pink Panther said, "I don't need sleep." The friend said, "I'm not sleepy." Completely ignoring my suggestion and sanity, they continued their project. Swagger.

At 5:30 I got up to feed the cats (so the older chickens don't eat the cat food), then got back in bed. A few minutes later, I heard the screen door slam. They were going out to explore. I got them to feed the young chickens and got back in bed. They were back at the house by 6:15. They said they were hungry, but I knew they just didn't have the strength to walk to the spring stream after staying up all night. I made flap jacks and bacon for breakfast since I was feeding cowboys. They ate and talked about their night. The friend, apparently, fell asleep for a few hours. Pink Panther did not and he was proud of it. He said he wasn't tired and was ready to go to Country Day. Being an expert in all nighters, I tried to talk him out of it because I knew the crash would come while he was at the festival. "Naw momma, I'm not tired." Bravado.

He and his friend sat down at the computer to play Crazy Machines. A few minutes later, I went to the living room to put things back in order. Pink Panther was asleep on the sofa. Shortly afterwards, the friend's mother arrived and I tried to wake him. He couldn't even sit. He hasn't budged in 3 hours. Reality.


Frankie said...

Oh, I love this post! I would have let my son do that in a heartbeat, but I have no like-minded mom friends would would allow "such a thing." lol They're going to remember this night forever. I'm wondering if he'll be upset when he wakes up that he missed the festival? lol

p.s. I was thrilled to learn about your new car! I'm waiting to hear what it smells like. lol Also, I have wanted a VW forever. My choice would be blue -- or green -- or red -- I don't know how I'd pick. I'd be happy with a bright yellow bug! =)

wisteria said...

Wish you were closer! Our 10 year olds would have a blast!

I would love a red or green, but I am beginning to be happy with yellow!

He slept for 6 hours! Poor thing! You have to learn these things. He didn't believe that you really NEED sleep. Now he does.