Wednesday, August 16, 2006

I'm Sorry!

I have not been able to post or even access blogger all day. I'm not sure if it was blogger or my service provider. I have a great post, but I need sleep. I will catch up with everyone in the morning.

BTW, The Pink Panther is fine. He has a black place on his arm but it is not deep or infected. I honestly think the old remedy of applying a paste of meat tenderizer brought the poison to the surface before it had a chance to do much damage. I believe in an early response with meat tenderizer for all insect bites. This time it helped.


zilla said...

Interesting, that that stuff no longer has MSG in it. More interesting, I've snooped around a bit and the claim is that it's the papaya derivative that helps the bite or sting (several articles mention Adolph's Meat Tenderizer for jellyfish sting!) In northern Michigan, the natural remedy for a bee sting would be a plaster made from plantain leaves -- plaintain grows in just about any dry area up here, such as on the shoulders of the roads. I've seen it work beautifully (reducing pain and swelling) for non-allergic individuals, and always recommmend it as a first response. Now I'm curious about the biochemical similarities, if any, between papaya (that's a tropical plant if I'm not mistaken) and plantain. I read once that the cure to everything is natural and at our fingertips -- for every venom in our environment, there is a natural cure within that environment. I love this concept. Although, obviously, it does nothing to explain my recent disturbed descent into the world of insecticide. GLAD the pink panther is well on the road to recovery!

Frankie said...

Glad PP is doing well. That was so scary. I'll look forward to your new post(s) next week. I won't be online for a few days.

Mother Crone's Homeschool said...

How wonderful! I am a big one for kitchen remedies as well. They are remarkable. Folks laugh when they open my glove compartment and find tenderizer!
Another I have used for regular (non-poisonous) bites and lumps is a hot tea bag, placed to soak. Something in the tannin and heat reduces swelling quickly!

wisteria said...

Around here, many old timers use tobacco to draw out poisons. I just didn't happen to have a chaw of 'bacci in my hip pocket.

I love natural remedies!

Hopefully, you will find your way out of the insecticide bottle.

mull-berry said...

Don't forget the old standby ... baking soda paste.

wisteria said...

Yes! I love baking soda. The paste is great, but a liberal amount in the bath is so soothing for summer chiggers, mosquitos, and miscellany. Are there others?