Friday, August 18, 2006

The Librarian

Our librarian died last night. She is also the mother of one of my long time friends so I knew her from way back when. We are sad - all of us.

To the town's tribute, they lowered the flag in front of the library/city hall building and the library is closed. She really worked hard to maintain and grow the library, even though our town of 500 has few readers. She always helped us find the books we needed, invited the children to special programs, and always had treats for the children. She decorated for the seasons and hosted summer reading programs. She did a lot to brighten the library even though it is only open 1/2 days and never on Saturdays or Sundays. I will miss her and so will my children.

I wonder what will happen to the library?


Mother Crone's Homeschool said...

How a woman like that will be missed! I had a gem like that growing up, and each week she had a stack of amazing books to delight me. I owe her my love of literature!

A town of 500? Goodness, that would be lovely, coming from a town that has, over the last 40 years grown to close to 500,000!
Although it is "home" I do not like that my town is a small city, and know relocating is near in the future!

wisteria said...

500! We don't live in town - most people don't. I love small town life, though, as with anywhere, there are challenges. We are challenged to find families who have similar interests and values - not religious values, but things like reading, nurturing of wildlife and the environment, and a world view.

There are other challenges.

zilla said...

My deceased aunt, as a retired school teacher, ran the tiny library in her tiny town, and built up its tiny collection of books much to the delight of then tiny percentage of readers. She's been gone for well over a decade and the library continues to thrive. I'm sure someone will step up to continue your little library, too. Maybe it's you?

wisteria said...

Ah . . . Not quite ready to commit to that task!