Thursday, August 03, 2006

The Pink Panther Struck, Again!

He got me again! At lunch today, I was going to get myself a piece of birthday cake. I lifted the foil, knife in hand, then screeched and dropped the knife. The PP strategically placed a rubber roach on the cake plate. For an instant I thought the roach was real - even though I had never seen a roach in the house and I knew he owned the roach. I was simply unprepared.

PP acquired this roach from my husband's friend. The friend is quite a prankster, but we, once, used his own tool against him. This friend wanted to be Emeril, so quit his job and started cooking at a barbecue restaurant about 40 miles from here. We wanted to support his lark, so took the children on several occasions. On one of those eating adventures, PP brought the roach. He placed it on his plate. My husband called the friend over and asked to send the food back because of a small problem. The friend, tired from standing over the pit and the stoves, didn't catch that it was his own roach and his joke coming back to haunt him. He nearly stroked. Once he recovered, he decided to take it one step further. He told the restaurant owner that we had a problem. The owner took one look and started stammering and trying to think of something to say. When he finally asked, "Did that fall from the ceiling or just come on your plate?", we couldn't keep straight-faced any longer - neither could our friend. Relief for the owner and laughter all around.

Pranks are fun. I just need to remember that someone in our family is growing into his prime prankster years and try not to be startled so easily.


Becky said...

Aw shucks, where's the fun if mom won't startle easily (and noisily) lol?

Hornblower said...

Hugo has taped the sprayer on the sink several times now - he tapes the nozzle so that when I turn on the tap the water squirts out at me through the sprayer. When he was younger, he used to be so impatient that he'd very unsubtly try to lure me to the location of his joke. Now he's content to wait for hours for the explosion. He also puts rubber snakes and spiders by Roo's pillow. He's a little imp. .... One of my friends almost had a heart attack when her dh played the "rubber cut off thumb" trick on her .... she got all faint and woozy at the sight of all the "blood" on the cutting board.

wisteria said...

Thank goodness he hasn't thought of the sprayer yet. I remember the lame lures years. When he was luring, I remember thinking and probably saying that the trick would work better if less was said. Now, he has gotten a bit too patient and he gets me every time.

PP does the snake in the napkin drawer. I have grabbed a snake with the napkins on more than one occasion.

I need to check into the rubber thumb trick. Maybe I could catch him and my husband too.