Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Happy Birthday to me!

Today is my birthday. Until tonight it didn't seem so special. My husband was going to do my chores for me this morning, but I woke up at my usual time. I just couldn't help it. I, then, had a not so great day at work and home. Things changed as the sun started going down. Tonight, my husband and children made a wonderful dinner for me. Princess cut and arranged some flowers. My husband pulled out the crystal (we have broken most of the everyday stemware) and china. Each of the children gave me some wonderful handmade gifts. I made myself a cake(chocolate, no zucchini). The children dressed for dinner and we had a wonderful celebration. I put candles on each person's piece of cake so each person could have a wish.

Then, one of my wishes came true. I could not in my wildest dreams have guessed or believed the gift I received. He gave me a trip to the Shakespeare festival in Stratford, Canada!! I get to take the children and him. I have wanted to go to the festival for so long. When we were closer, I had work obligations. After we moved here, where I have somewhat flexible hours, I had small children I didn't want to leave and a smaller income. My husband actually had business close to the festival a few years ago and he attended, then came home and gloated. Now the children are old enough to enjoy some of the plays and we are going. Is that not an incredible gift? Now, I need to decide which two plays I want to see that will also be appropriate for the children.


Hornblower said...

Happy Birthday!!!!
And wow! What a great prezzie!

mull-berry said...

HBD! Anyone that shares a bday with Carroll O'Connor can't be all that bad! : )
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Frankie said...

Happy Belated Birthday!!!!!

What an incredible present! Enjoy!!!

wisteria said...

Thanks ya'll! Don't get the wrong impression about our gift giving. In our twenty years of marriage, I have never received a present like this. I don't know what I did to deserve this little piece of magic.

Susan said...

Wisteria, happy birthday! What a great gift you received. I've always wanted to go to the Stratford Festival, too. Have fun!

Mother Crone's Homeschool said...

Wow! That is so amazing! You must take photos and post them for us all to be there vicariously!

Enjoy your special day dear! You deserve it!

Becky said...

Happy birthday, wisteria! I'm sorry I'm late with my good wishes.

And what a fabulous present from an equally fabulous husband! If only Stratford weren't on the other side of the country, we could meet up for coffee and some belated Canadian chocolate cake before the show lol.

So when will you be heading up north?

wisteria said...

We will go the first week of September. I am beside myself with excitement.

zilla said...

That is a FABULOUS birthday gift! I envy you all.

So, no zooks in the chocolate cake? What gives? Hey, have you ever heard of beet cake? It's chocolatey and moist, and used to be served once a week in the cafeteria where I attended grade school. I'd almost kill for the recipe, and I can't stand beets!

Happt belated birthday, Wisteria, and many happy returns of the day.

(Your little prankster needs a come-uppance! Soon!)

wisteria said...

Considering that a good bit of the sugar in the world comes from beets, I am sure that cake was good. I considered making the zucchini cake after mull-berry raved about it, but to be honest, I am sick of zucchini this late in the season. If I had put zucchini in the cake, it wouldn't have seemed special because I have to put zucchini in just about everything else.

Isn't it odd how the school lunches have changed. When I was in school, eating in the lunch room was almost like eating at home, including homemade rolls and cakes. Now everything is prepackaged so that any one off the street can throw it in the stove and reheat. And, don't get me started on what they put in that prepackaged food.

mull-berry said...

"eating in the lunch room was almost like eating at home ... Now everything is prepackaged so that any one off the street can throw it in the stove and reheat."

Sounds like to me that the lunch room food still mirrors most food currently cooked in the home. Hee hee. (sadly)