Tuesday, August 08, 2006


This black and yellow argiope resides in my garden. She is enormous! We have been careful not to break her webs or damage her as we water, hoe, and pick. She hangs boldly in the middle of her web that is suspended between two tomato cages.

A few weeks ago, I found the evidence of a hornworm on my one of my German Striped plants, but I could not find it anywhere. I went inside, thinking the worm will eat so much that he will be very visible tomorrow. I was right. He was visible. He was visible while being wrapped by lady orb weaver.

Last week, I decided that it was time to red pepper spray my tomatoes because of stink bugs. I didn't get around to it, and last night I noticed my friend, agriope, had noosed a couple stink bugs. I have a natural insecticide working for me. So, I will continue to protect this beautiful arachnid.

She has a man friend living in an adjoining web. Maybe I will have a whole garden of insect eating spiders next year. Unfortunately, I will not be able to protect her man friend, because once they mate she will discard him with the garbage. We are curious, so we will watch.


mom2radata said...

What a curious habit. Perhaps lady spiders are on to something there. LOL I think she is really quite pretty.

Becky said...

Gorgeous photo!

zilla said...

She's a real beauty! She doesn't happen to prey on wasps, does she?

Yes! They're still going strong, inspite of my unecological efforts to be rid of them, their nasty messes, and their wicked stings!

Bless her heart for keeping you in bruschetta and salsa :-)

wisteria said...

Thanks!! The spider actually charged me a model fee. She is proud of her beauty and resourcefulness!

Zilla, I can't believe you are still having trouble. Mutant wasps and daubers - SCARY!