Saturday, August 19, 2006

Garden Mystery

Look at the winter squash shaped zucchini thing I found in my garden this morning. It came off the same vine as the more typical elongated vegetable. I am constantly amazed at the way cross pollination can create such interesting stuff. Funny though, I don't have any winter squash planted (no rain). I have no pumpkins planted (no rain). In fact, the only things growing in my garden right now are tomatoes, okra, cayenne pepper, basil, and zinnias. There may be a few cucumbers out there somewhere, but I quit watering and picking when I finished pickling. Oh, there are weeds, lots of them. So, whence does this surprise arise?

Ah, a mystery. Maybe I could find the answer in the weeds.


JoVE said...

Or did it self-seed from something you grew last year? We had something that looked like a zucchini plant just come up at the beginning of the season. Mat transplanted it to the bed he was putting all that traily squash in and it has fruited but with really fat vegetables (that get fat before they get long). He's wondering if it is a hybrid between a zucchini and a pumpkin. Alternatively, F1 hybrids produce seeds that revert, I think, so we wondered if it was self seeded and that's what happened.

Whatever it was, it tasted okay (though had a lot more seeds than a zucchini normally would). How does yours taste?

wisteria said...

This is from a zucchini plant that I actually planted. I do let volunteers volunteer just to see what happens, but this one came from a commercial seed pack, though it is a heirloom zucchini from Italy.

I did have pumpkins last year, but it has been so dry that there should be no volunteers.

I haven't tasted it, yet - perhaps tonight.

zilla said...

For a zucchini, it looks an awful lot like Joe Pesce. Have you sliced it yet? Have you eaten it?

Curiouser & curiouser over here!

wisteria said...

I promise I will check it out tomorrow!