Friday, August 25, 2006

Friday Updates

I found one of the missing nests of eggs! Unfortunately, there was a chicken sitting already and she was unfortunately dead. The nest was under a pile of wood we keep in the barn and I suppose Yellow Dog found her first. In his attempt to get her, the wood must have shifted because her nesting hole was collapsed. I will have to spend hours moving that pile to get her and the eggs out so they don't stink up the barn. We won't be able to eat the eggs because at 98 degrees eggs don't last very long. Even though I have plenty of chickens, I hate losing a bird. My young Buff Catalanas and Barred Rocks are now being trained to nesting boxes by being confined to their house for a few days as per Doc's prescription. I didn't realize how much food chickens actually eat since mine fend for themselves except for a few leftovers and the handful of corn I give them each morning so they will like me.

My husband comes home either tonight or tomorrow morning. He has business until lunch and will, then, start making his way home. If he drives through the night he will be here around 3 a.m. I've recommended that he go see his dad and sister in Memphis on the way home. He can, then, visit with family and be safer. I hate thinking of him driving so far by himself at night when he is tired.

The zucchini ball thing was obviously a cross between a zucchini and a cantaloupe. It proved inedible. There were seeds in the middle like a cantaloupe, but the seeds looked more like a zucchini. The meat of the vegetable was mushy, yet the skin was hard. I tossed the entire thing into the garbage rather than the compost. I don't want anymore accidental zuccaloupe or cantchini. Ewwww!

I will wait until next week to pick up my new car. When hubby gets home, the logistics will be better with the children. I will be able to make an early flight and get back before midnight.

Have a great weekend!


Jennifer said...

Oh, I'm sorry you lost a chicken. Zuccaloupe made me smile, though. :-)

wisteria said...

Zuccaloupe sounds a lot better than it tastes!!!!