Thursday, February 14, 2008

Thank You!

Zilla has once again shown compassion in the true Dickensian manner. I received an envelope with cash for the fund raiser at the Dixie National Trail Ride. I believe they earned $900 for the two meals the group served during the ride. This weekend there will be another fund raiser with barbecue chicken plates and fiddle music. If Zilla were here, she could eat, tap her foot, and maybe even try a little square dancing or clogging, all in the name of kindness.

I will forward the gift to the appropriate people. Thanks!!

Friday, February 08, 2008


We are in the rainy season here in Mississippi. Though the longer term effects of this rain are aquifers full of water, lush growth for spring, and full streams and rivers after a drought year, the short term effect is a lot of fungi. Thanks to K for all of these pictures. Isn't he doing a great job?

These are shelf fungi on one of the dead, eighty year old pecan trees we have left for the woodpeckers, but no matter where you look fungus is everywhere. We are staying just warm enough to produce a bumper crop.

Mushrooms, anyone?

Dixie National Season

We've had visitors again. The Dixie National Trail Ride rode through our town and stayed at our sale barn. Last year it was cold. This year it was wet. In fact, many of the riders drove their horses and mules forward and let them stable in our barn while the worst of the rains passed. I don't blame them one bit, but with the local riders we tried to predict who was dedicated to ride even in stormy weather and mud.

This led to the "Would you ride?" questions. Mr. W said he was sane enough to park the horse for a day and resume riding the following day. I, of course, said I would ride just to prove how tough I was. No surprises here.

I didn't have to do the food this year because we loaned the kitchen to friends who were fund raising for the family of a man who just died of cancer. Originally the fund raising was for the man, but he died before the event, so the money was raised for the family who will be paying his medical bills for the rest of their lives.

Though I didn't have time to comment appropriately to Zilla's post, this is an example of one life moment leaving you homeless or in financial ruins - despite the best planning. I hope the cool, wet ride made everyone ravenous.

Much is the same year to year on the route of the Dixie National Trail Ride. Yet, at the base camps you can see how soft people have gotten. Trailers have gotten bigger and fancier. More people require electricity to supply power for heat or cooling, hot showers, television, and all of the other amenities of home. I sometimes wonder if anyone notices that they have left home because none of the comforts are gone.

Don't judge me for questioning.

I feel the same about the enormous RVs. What is the point of camping if you don't actually experience the outdoors???? Are we incapable of disconnecting even for a moment?? Just asking.

Do you think our insistence on immediate gratification has anything to do with our present economic situation, political corruption, and dissatisfaction with life in general?