Thursday, August 10, 2006

A Few Updates

School continues. We did fall into one of our bad habits this morning. The children wanted to do all the reading in the bed. So, I got back into my bed and they snuggled around me and we read History, Bible and each of the children's books. It felt good and they still could narrate so I suppose it wasn't such a terrible thing.

The refrigerator and ice maker are repaired. The parts arrived yesterday afternoon at two and the repairman was at my house at 2:30. Breakfast was so much easier to prepare since I didn't have to walk to the shed for all the ingredients. My husband wants to choose the new television so we will wait until he researches all the possibilities.

I really am going to do the shoe meme. In fact, you should see it today! I need to hurry because I think ZILLA is back online.


zilla said...

Make it snappy, woman! Zilla is waiting for the shoe meme!

Everyone should conduct school from a warm, snuggly place. There is nothing more fabulous than reading in bed, except maybe doing the NYTimes crossword in bed. But nobody ever learned nothin' doin' a crossword, so don't try this at home ;-)

Becky said...

Shhh...we do almost all of our reading aloud in my bed; very nice for after lunch and at bedtime (theirs, not mine). In fact, my eldest call it "bed schooling" lol.

wisteria said...

We read every night in bed, as well. It is a funny process. Here is an example. I go first to Princess's bed. I read a chapter in her read aloud book. The Pink Panther cannot stand to think he is missing any story so he slinks to the bottom of Princess's bed. After I finish her story, I go to the Pink Panther's room to read his chapter. Princess sneaks into his bed so she won't miss anything.

I thought of only reading one book at night, but neither wants to give up his special time even if the other is sneaking in to share.