Thursday, August 03, 2006

Did you ever wonder?

Did you ever wonder why the appliances designed to help you wash things end up so dirty? I am referring in particular to the dishwasher and the washing machine. The door facing and drain of the dishwasher seem to be a magnet for filth. I find that I can't get that clean dish feeling when I have to look at that dark, slimy residue on the door facing. Yet, I feel like I shouldn't have to clean the inside of the dishwasher daily or even weekly. The washing machine is worse.

I have an older top-load washing machine so perhaps improvements have been made, but crud seems to build up around the opening and in all those orifices for bleach and what not. I, of course, am good at ignoring the dirty, soapy dried on mess for a while. Then, every time I open the lid I think, "That is disgusting. I should really do something." Finally, I get disgusted enough to clean all the crevices and bleach portals and I wonder if our clothes are more dirty than other people's. Why would they design a machine that would be so difficult to clean if crud build-up was a problem for everyone? What is the purpose of that hole in the top of the agitator if not just a receptacle for cruddy build-up? And if it is a crud catcher, then why not make it easier to clean?

Just a thought.


Mother Crone's Homeschool said...

I have often thought the same thing, and cleaned it rarely. We just got a new front loader three weeks ago, and I was thrilled to see the compartment for detergent and such has a push-button release, so I can take it out and wash it easily!
No suggestions on the dishwasher though. I have a small kitchen, and the only dishwasher is typing this note!

Frankie said...

I have the same problems as you do.

The washing machine is amazing, I'll clean it one day and the next time I do laundry it's disgusting again. Ewww.

We bought a new dishwasher two years ago that is a piece of junk. If something drips on the door as I'm loading, such as Koolaid or chocolate milk, it doesn't come off when I run the dishwasher. The dishes look clean, but it really grosses me out that the inside door doesn't get clean.

The outside is a magnet for dirt, and that's one of DS's chores. =)

Becky said...

Me four. More proof that such things are designed by men. I keep old toothbrushes just for cleaning around the inside of the dishwasher door, etc.

Had a good tip from a women I was talking to the other week -- she bought an old washing machine and keeps it in her husband's shop (they farm, too), and he washes his own coveralls, etc. Definitely something to think about...

wisteria said...

Yes, that is something to think about. I could also have my son wash his own clothes in the shed, too! Most of the dirt would stay out of the house and out of my washer. Unfortunately, I doubt this plan could become a reality anything soon since we don't have water in the shed. But, I like thinking about it.

zilla said...

Our dishwasher seems to remain relatively residue free. I wonder if brands vary in their tendency to collect build-up. As for the washing machine, that's another story. Combine hard water with a large family who tends to get very dirty, and the bleach dispense and detergent cups get pretty disgusting, pretty fast! Switching to a low-sudsing laundry powder has helped some (I buy a local cottage industry brand called Moonworks). Also, when it's my turn to throw a load in (yep, I expect everyone to pitch in with the laundry around here), I'll just grab something from the wash tub after it's wet, and wipe down everything under the lid.

I think the grungiest appliance in our house is the microwave, to tell you the truth. Everyone uses it, and I'm the only one who cleans it. Problem is, over the course of a day it gets so nasty that I'd honestly rather clean the toilets than the microwave!

wisteria said...

Zilla, I don't own a microwave. Should I be embarrassed? I told ya'll I was a food snob. Microwaved food has an aftertaste, so I have never purchased one. We had one in an apartment we rented in Chicago. Hubby used it for popcorn, but that was it. So, I only have to deal with the washer and dishwasher. Our dishwasher is only a year and a half old. Granted it is not as grungie as the one in our last house, but it does accumulate on a bi-weekly basis. I hate cleaning, so I resent every time I wipe the inside flange thing.