Monday, May 29, 2006

Kitchen Project Finished

I have actually finished my reorganization of the kitchen/school storage areas. I will see how it works during the art heavy summer. The tall paper and Meet the Masters portfolios are to the left. Next is the assortment of papers stored in "In/Out" Boxes. His and Hers pencil sharpeners (thanks to my mom) and a scale. Next comes my solution for the art supplies and math manipulatives - small drawer units purchased at Dollar General for cheap. I like them because you can remove the whole drawer and set it on the table so wobble eyes, crayons, and feathers are easy to use and, hopefully, put away neatly. I captured two of the permanent drawers for school, too. I put all the flash cards, which are on book rings, in one of the drawers. I haven't put anything in the other. I like that empty drawer feeling. I don't think I have ever had an empty drawer before.

As school draws near I will put, ONLY, the books we are using on the counter top above or if I get really ambitious I will make room in the cookbook bookcase. I don't really use every one of the 150+ cookbooks and 100+ magazines stored there, but as soon as I give or throw something away I want it for something.


Frankie said...

Very pretty and very inspiring!

When will you finish school? We just have a couple legs of the standardized test to finish and we'll be done. We will summerschool a bit, after a good break.

wisteria said...

We are mostly finished. We have a little history to go. We try to break a bit early, then start back to school when the days are so hot you only want to sit in front of an air conditioner. But, as you well know, every day is a school day, if you take advantage of opportunities - just not so much organization.