Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Project Spectrum - Yellow

I've been watching for yellow in my daily life of late because of Project Spectrum. Though I don't normally wear yellow or want to knit or sew with yellow as a main color, I love it as an accent. Having said that I will confess to having yellow in my life in a big way, almost daily, as evidenced by the first picture.

Princess and I spend many hours in yellow driving to class and rehearsals. I have to say that driving a happy yellow car makes me a nicer, more friendly motorist. Is that possible?

After the final performance, we motored south to the beach to find more yellow. Accents of yellow abounded. Since I was focusing on finding yellow, I saw it everywhere. Here are a few examples:

the newspaper receptacle

the sunset,

the palmetto,

the buds of unidentified wildflowers,

the centers of water lilies,

and the eyes of the locals.
Nature seems to prefer yellow as an accent as well.