Friday, July 28, 2006

Yellow Dog Update

This morning I was able to get the yellow dog up and out of the house to use the bathroom. He was not his normal "Tigger" bouncy self, but he walked. He wasn't interested in staying out, though. He took care of his business and wanted to come back inside to his blanket. He drank water, but hasn't shown interest in food (except that 1/2 a piece of bacon I snuck him). Other than his super-sized foot and leg he seems alright, though slow. The medicine is doing its job. I guess the only other concern is infection. We will keep watching and waiting.


Frankie said...

Ah, poor thing!

Isn't it awful not being able to do anything?

Sending him lots of logs, pets and scratches behind the ear from MN.

zilla said...

Puppy hugs for you & Yellow Dog. Mmmm, bacon!