Monday, July 10, 2006

Weekend Reading

While I was at the beach, I read two books. I first picked up another Mary Kay Andrews beach read called Hissy Fit because I enjoyed Savannah Blues and Itty Bitty Lies on past trips. I didn't enjoy this light reading as much as the others because you can only read so many of this type of book before it becomes a senseless exercise. She has a successful recipe - super wealthy characters, deceit in the country club, a splash of good food and furniture -and keeps churning out the same book with various characters - amusing at first, boring now. Truth . . . If I see another one lying around next time I vacation I will read it because at the beach you don't really want to struggle with a book.

Blue Diary
by Alice Hoffman was a bit less predictable and much darker. Hoffman weaves a story of past deceit, secrets, forgiveness, and unwillingness to forgive. She asks the question, is past behavior more important? Or present behavior? Even if the past is particularly damning? This book really made me think about trust and how easy it is to remake yourself if you so choose.

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