Monday, July 17, 2006

Gearing Up for the Birthday Party

Princess is turning 7 tomorrow. She has decided on a Groovy Girl motif party. We usually have just family, but this year she has invited a couple of friends, as well. With just family there are 20 people, so there is much preparation to be done. I was able to get a really cool platform sandal pinata. The Pink Panther and I got some candy and toys and filled it this morning. We got some favors and we will package them in a few minutes.

Princess wants petit fours and molded peppermint ice cream because Samantha of American Girl fame had these delicious treats at her birthday, so I am making petit fours and peppermint ice cream tonight. I have never had peppermint ice cream before, but I think I will use my mother's recipe, which she has finally agreed to let me share, and substitute a few drops of peppermint flavoring for the vanilla. Once it is frozen, I will put it in flower shaped molds. Here is that recipe:
Mother's Ice Cream
Adjust recipe according to freezer size. These proportions are correct for a 4 quart freezer.
Beat 3 eggs until very frothy
Add 2 1/2 cups sugar and 2 rounded TBLS cornstarch. Mix well so it will not lump.
Add about a quart of milk or a little more and mix again. Put in heavy boiler and cook on low stirring constantly until thickened. When thickened, pour in more milk and stir to thin so it will pour more easily. Put in ice cream freezer. Add more milk to fill container to fill line. Add 1/2 tsp. vanilla. Freeze.

I know ya'll are tired of hearing about all this food and entertaining, but this is life and relatives visit in the Summer and birthdays happen and sometimes it all piles up on itself. Now, off to make those petit fours.


zilla said...

Holy Toledo, you're making the petit fours from scratch, too?

Thanks for the ice cream recipe. I for one appreciate it, and peppermint is my favorite, second only to vanilla.

wisteria said...

Yes the petit fours are from scratch. I am trying to decide if anyone would want to eat hot pink and lime green cakes. I wouldn't. Maybe just groovy flowers on white cakes. ???

I have neglected to mention one small detail that would make my cooking and food snobbery make sense. I took classes at CHIC (Cooking and Hospitality Institute of Chicago) when we lived in Chicago. I catered when I used to have spare time.

zilla said...

You don't come off as snobbish about it, Wisteria. Just knowledgeable and happy to share. Thank you.

Fe said...

_Always_ happy to read about food:-) I collect recipes... wherever I am.

I'm at the starting to think about the garden for next summer stage (we're in Australia), so reading about your produce is enthusing me:-)

wisteria said...

I'm glad I haven't bored ya'll to tears.

I'm not a food snob in the worldly sense, I just have a difficult time eating the processed foods that have become the life blood of this area. Processed food has usurped some of the best food in the country, Southern cuisine. My mother calls me a snob because I go on and on and on about how people don't eat real food anymore and go to so much trouble to grow or purchase good food. I may take it a bit far, but if I went to someone's house and they served beanie weinies I would eat them and be happy that someone cooked for me.

Mother Crone's Homeschool said...

This sounds wonderful! Please do post the follow-up story. I am one who really does bday parties in a big way, and love to hear new ideas!