Thursday, July 20, 2006

Summer Waning

Even though July has not yet come to an end, I feel the summer slipping away. We have been so hot and dry that in terms of garden, hay, and outside activity, the summer has almost incinerated itself. The Neshoba County Fair, Mississippi's Giant House Party, begins tomorrow only a few miles from our house, but with the dust, heat, and humidity I can't say I am excited.

I feel almost sad - like we didn't do enough, have enough fun, or get the freezer packed enough. I suppose I have that gloomy feeling because the grasses, plants, and even trees are browning - mourning for the Summer that could have lasted just a bit longer and been just a bit more nurturing.

We will begin school as soon as the Fair closes. We bought school supplies today when I had to make an emergency trip to the nearest seller of toner cartridges. I, of course, ran out of black ink halfway through the payroll. I'm glad I didn't wait until the last minute (tomorrow) to print. I love buying office supplies. I think I have a problem. I was more excited than the children. I even perused the supply lists of area public and private schools. I wanted to make sure there wasn't some cool new thing we didn't have.

Even though I love supplies and looked at every option, we didn't really need a lot of stuff since, unlike the public and private schools, we don't have to purchase new things every year. We already own plenty of pencils, crayons, paper, and other typical beginning of the year supplies. I usually wait to buy crayons, pens, or pencils during the winter when we need a school pick-me-up. Our only purchases were plastic pocket filers and planners for each child. This year they had so many selections that the children had a difficult time choosing even though neither child strayed far from his normal color.

Now that the supplies have been purchased, I just need to get motivated and get the children motivated and focused on more organized learning. I, usually, feel more excitement. In fact, I have been known to get so excited about the new school year that I would want to start it as soon as I knew what we would be doing. My children have even accused me of cornering them with school stuff and trying to start school a week after we finished. This year, I'm not sure what is wrong, I can't get excited about The Fair or School. Maybe it's the weather. Maybe if it would rain a long slow rain for a week. Maybe.


Mama Chaos said...

It does seem as if the summer went by too quickly. We didn't do half the things I had planned to do, and with the heat I doubt we'll get the chance.

Frankie said...

You and I must be twins. I have the same love you do. I've already visited the back to school sections in our stores, even though they don't have everything out yet. I've refrained from purchasing, though. And I always check the public school lists! lol

I think the heat is killer this summer. We have started a dozen projects for fair entries and haven't completed any. I doubt Thomas will have anything to enter at the rate we're going!

I hope once your fair starts that your enthusiasm will pick up a bit! =)

zilla said...

Amazing, we're in the same frame of mind up here in the north. As the grasses become stressed and the leaves less vibrant, our thoughts turn to impending snow, which, in reality, rarely falls before October. But we're all talking about it as if it were coming tomorrow.

Then, last night, at a favorite restaurant with Mr Z (date night!), I ordered my favorite salad: Granny Smith Slaw. Nothing screams autumn like apples -- what was I thinking?

I was thinking, "I LOVE this salad!" I asked the waiter for the dressing recipe and he brought it to me. Score! Problem is, I now have to figure out how to reduce a recipe for 6 quarts to 8 ounces. Would your kids like a yummy math problem to kick off their school year?

I'll be doing a rain dance for you all today. :-)

homeschoolin' in mn said...

We F I N A L L Y received some rain up here. After weeks of hot. And it looks as though maybe the grass wasn't completely dead yet, maybe summer isn't winding down quite yet. I'll be dancing for rain for you too!

Mother Crone's Homeschool said...

I am struggling with this as well. In prior years, I was so excited we started early, yet I am now dragging my feet. The heat is part of it, as well as the extended ball season, but I haven't had enough time to "just be." I am surely hoping that a miracle happens over the next two weeks, because I really question how I will be able to pretend to be motivated so my kids believe it!

wisteria said...

Thanks for all the rain dances and positive thoughts! I need them. There is a 40% chance of rain for Saturday and Sunday. BUT the forecasts are for scattered or isolated showers and thunderstorms and if they are scattered that may mean nothing for us. My sister who only lives 75 miles away was shocked when she was here over the weekend. They have gotten so much more rain in Jackson than we have here. I hate the word scattered in the forecast.

wisteria said...

Mother Crone,
Will you start even if you aren't motivated? I have given thought to postponing school for another week or two. We all talk about flexibility of homeschooling, but I worry if I start so flexible that I postpone for a couple of weeks, that the whole year will consist of someone not being motivated. I am torn. Maybe that is why I have been in the dumps.