Tuesday, July 11, 2006

I've been tagged!! 5 things

How exciting! People have noticed I exist!! Thanks Frankie!

5 things . . .

In my fridge:
  • butter - always
  • eggs - I can't do without my daily egg sandwich no matter what I serve to others
  • homemade balsamic vinaigrette that my husband requires for everything including tacos, tomato sandwiches, and the more ordinary salad
  • a jar of some beverage that a friend of mine gave me that appears to have a brain floating in it. It is supposed to enhance digestion.
  • a TAB that I have hidden because I am hopelessly addicted to this vile substance though I want my children to eat only whole foods. At least I only sneak one or two a week instead of 6 to 8 a day as in past years. Total freedom is on the horizon!
In my purse: I own a purse, but don't use it often so I don't clean it often. Don't judge.
  • My iPod
  • a wisteria seed
  • a notebook
  • computer cable
  • receipts from the co-op from two years ago (We are that behind on our taxes. Ouch!)
In my closet:
  • a computer
  • books
  • a pair of boots I haven't worn in 15 years
  • wrapping paper in two or three designs
  • a filing cabinet
In my car: A junk heap
  • an ice chest
  • a case of computer paper
  • a lead rope and halter
  • bean seeds in the glove compartment
  • an emergency tool my mother gave me that will break the windshield and deflate the air bag, cut the seat belt, and a flashlight for signaling for help.
  • A few TAB cans
I tag:


Hornblower said...

I played along!

wisteria said...

Thanks!! I won't tag you, again.

Frankie said...

"People have noticed I exist"

Your blog is one of my favorites!

I really get a kick out the Tab...I don't know many people that drink that anymore, but my mom used to drink it on a very frequent basis. I'm a Diet Rite girl -- no flavor, no calories, just fizzy colored water -- gotta have the fizz!

wisteria said...

Thanks Frankie! My Tab addiction started when I was 12 years old with a dare. Everyone my age thought Tab was the worst tasting thing that ever existed. I drank a few to gross out people and never went back to Coke, the true Southern beverage if you factor out iced tea. By the time I was in college, the first time, I was drinking 8 to 10 a day. I reduced the quantities with various health, exercise binges and would gradually increase again. A few years ago, I decided to eat and serve only whole foods. Not particularly difficult unless you live in the processed food haven of this small town and have a Tab addiction. My children refused to give up the treats in my Dad's truck if I wouldn't give up Tab. I agreed to drink one a week. I've been pretty good for a couple of years, but not perfect. I want a Tab as soon as I get up - immediately- even after 3 years. Don't judge, I am sick! You are right! It is the fizz!