Saturday, July 15, 2006

Progress has been made and time has stood still

Today, I worked tirelessly to get my house spic and span in preparations for visits from my cousin and my mother-in-law. I shelved all books that someone is not actively reading, I got the floors dusted, and I cleaned my office including detangling and sorting the umpteen million cords behind my desk. I even came up with a solution to make the cords invisible to anyone casually walking into the office. I helped my mother with dinner by making the slaw, a cucumber salad, and the ice cream.

I had not seen my cousin for a few years, not since my aunt died, and the funeral was not a great time to visit. We had a few hours to visit and amazingly enough time does not change some people. My cousin is six or seven years older than I and when we were young I idolized him and his brother. They were so nice, so handsome, and oh so cool! They included us in games and tolerated us following them around. Today, he looked unchanged by time. His mannerisms are the same and he is the same truly nice self. I don't idolize him today, but I was not disappointed. I think of all the times I have built images of my past, then revisited them as an adult. I think of all the times my image has been better than the real thing. This is one time I remembered correctly.

My mother-in-law is coming tomorrow for lunch. I have just finished my plan and I feel so in control. I may bake, for lunch, an early birthday cake for the Princess to celebrate being ahead.

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