Saturday, July 15, 2006

Another Steamy Day!

At 7:22 a.m. the temperature is already 78 degrees. We are expecting another humidity laden 98 today without a trace of rain. I will be watering the orchard and garden as usual. I will also be cleaning the house until noon, at which time the sweltering temperatures will make cleaning unpleasant so I will move into the air conditioned kitchen. A cousin and his family are coming into town from Arizona. Since my house is teeming with family history and so many are curious how a modern family can live in less than modern way, I expect that I will have visitors though no one has mentioned it yet. My mother in law is coming tomorrow to have dinner and take the Princess to the Delta for a short visit.

I have much cleaning to do. I haven't finished the book reorganization so the books are a mess in the living room. In fact, most of the stacks in the house are books. If I get the books off the kitchen counters, off the piano, off the floor, off the bedside tables, and off the other miscellaneous stacks all over the house things would look pretty good.

Anyway, off to move the water hoses and books!


JoVE said...

But if you got the books off of all those places, they would just be stacked up somewhere else, no? I think maybe we should start redefining mess to exclude stacks of books. :-)

As for the possible unannounced visit of relatives, I came very close to buying a mat for the front porch once that said "Friends Welcome Anytime, Relatives by Appointment". My partner thought my mother might be offended (since it would be hard to argue that it was in jest).

wisteria said...

That isn't actually true. I have a full wall floor to ceiling built in bookcase in the living room. My ceilings are 17 feet tall. I still have a few spaces, I just have a bad habit of looking at a book and putting it down where ever I finish it.

I don't mind the guests if I have any warning. No one in my family really overstays his welcome. A floor mat like that might be more trouble than it is worth.

zilla said...

Isn't that just the problem with literacy? Everywhere, reading material.

What's your ice cream recipe??? We cleaned up our ice cream maker yesterday thinking a batch might be just the thing to beat the heat.

Enjoy your visit!

wisteria said...

Zilla, The recipe is my mother's and I can't share, but it is a cooked custard ice cream. The cooking of the eggs eliminates the risk of salmonella (which is all important to my mother) and creates a completely rich tasting ice cream.

I hope your weather cools soon.