Wednesday, July 05, 2006

In the Pink

We only got a few sprinkles though people just down the road got a short shower and Natalie and my sisters got a decent rain. The sprinkles freshened my pink!

Even though I know that I planted assorted color zinnia seeds I am having a very pink year. I'm not complaining. I like pink and my daughter is beside herself with delight. She thinks I planted pink just for her. There were a few yellow and orange early in the season, but now I have a completely pink bed - maybe the pink ones prefer hot dry weather.

The zinnias are not the only pink! Look at the old crepe myrtle on the back patio. The blooms are a garish display. I am reminded of a particular 50ish woman in town - platinum blonde huge hair, sparkle high heel slides, generous shadow and liner for the eyes, clothes just a bit too fitted for daylight hours, the killer walk and talk. Like the woman, my crepe myrtle is just a bit too dressed for her patio party, but oh so perfect!

Who said the South was demure?

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