Saturday, July 22, 2006

I Feel Better!

Maybe it was the barometric pressure, hormones, who knows, but I woke this morning my normal happy self. My husband let the chickens out and came and got back in bed. We slept late, then we made breakfast together. I began working on another big graphics project and he began working on the additional laying boxes. The Princess tied on her roller skates and began skating around the house. The Pink Panther decided to finish the movie we started last night, but were too tired to finish.

My parents are out of town, so I feed their cats and take care of other things. I don't mind. Look what I got to take care of today. Figs! Do you see the rain drops. We got a small shower - not enough but better than nothing. I absolutely love figs. I like them raw, in preserves, in tarts, on ice cream, in cream. I just consumed 20 or 30 figs right off the tree. I like the ones that are almost too ripe. They are so sweet.

I will pick the rest of them tomorrow to make preserves and to put in the freezer for a winter treat. I was not the only one enjoying the figs today. Here is a June Bug. There were also wasps and other beetles. The birds had also pecked a few. There should be enough for everyone and everything to have a little treat thanks to Mother's liberal use of the sprinkler.


JoVE said...

Any time you are feeling so awful that figs don't make you feel better, get yourself straight to the doctor :-)

Glad you are happier today.

griffin said...

oh, look at those figs! I have a tree (I think the variety is Texas Pride, or Texas something) that produces green figs; I love the color on your --and the June Bug! We dont get those out here.
Any great fig recipies you wanna share??