Thursday, July 13, 2006

We Don't Have TV

In the regular sense. We have never gotten around to installing a satellite or antenna. We haven't missed it because we've been busy and we have a good many movies that we have collected over the years. We started buying movies about 10 years ago because the nearest theater is 20 miles away (the nearest first run theater is 70 miles away). Once you buy popcorn and admission and drive 20 miles each way we can buy a tape or DVD and watch it as many times as we want.

A few weeks ago my husband, children and I were in the city and decided to get a new movie. We never agree, but while we were looking, we thought about a few older movies but we couldn't remember the names. I, finally, found the names and purchased the movies. In fact, we started watching one of them a little while ago because everyone is so stressed from the sale today. I walked out! The movie my husband and I thought was so funny years and years ago is just plain stupid. How can that be? Have I changed so much? What is different?


ARI said...

Aahaa !!
Yes and I face the same dilma at 50years of past years behind myself to be appreciative of?

I may have rolled 10 times over watching Mr Bean or Jim Carey a few years ago but lately since the past 3 - 4 years - I just dont get the 'drama' and the unnecessary jargon and the battered 'one liners'! Yes, my appreciation of comedy has evolved over the years and I appreciate more subtle and more refined humor. I have learnt to feed myself a different kind of comedy that suits my age and mood and temprament. Although, dont get me wrong, I have not become a prude of any sort - no way. I am proud to say I will still let off a loud screamy laugh if I am really tickled by raw slap stick.

Thanks - thats me.

You must allow yourself to hold onto the child in you though..... and I keep telling myself the same over and over again. My boys are grown up - 21 and 23 and I wat ch myself through their eyes sometimes and watch their movies with them. Keeps me grounded with myself huh!

mull-berry said...

What was it ... Weekend at Bernie's? ha ha

wisteria said...

Not that bad! Funny Farm with Chevy Chase. I did go back in there and watch the end with the Norman Rockwell scenes.

Frankie said...

I've never seen Funny Farm -- don't know if I'd like it or not. My tastes have definitely changed through the years, though.

I didn't see Weekend at Bernie's either -- was that the dead body movie?

zilla said...

Different context + different mood = different response? Or, maybe it's just Chevy. Isn't he kind of an acquired taste, anyway? I liked him in Caddyshack.

wisteria said...

I liked him in Caddyshack, too, though I would be scared to watch it now for fear it wasn't as good as I thought.

I am reminded of a few vacation destinations that I visited when I was a child and visited as an adult. None were as big, as spectacular, or as memorable. In fact, some looked cheesy.