Friday, June 30, 2006


We got a small box from Rainbow Resources yesterday - mostly art supplies. I find that many of their things (Sculpty) are much cheaper than I can get them closer to home. Unless I am desperate for something, I keep a list and order when I can make the free shipping minimum. Anyway, we got the box filled with supplies needed for projects in the Living History book we will begin using in August and some art stuff. We opened the box and the children have been busy for hours and hours. I doubt the supplies will last until August at this rate. In fact they may be gone by tomorrow morning.

I want them to feel free to do art or science anytime, but I have such a hard time keeping supplies on hand that I feel like I should hoard then ration. I like to purchase the supplies for projects and experiments well before they are scheduled to appear in "school" because we can't just run into town to pick up something unless it is super basic. Yet, when we get ready to do the project we have to purchase again because the children have gotten excited about new supplies and done an art marathon - a vicious learning cycle. How happy they are scuplting and painting.

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