Monday, June 19, 2006

And Central Mississippi Heaved a Tremendous Sigh of Relief

It rained! Not enough or for long enough, but rain it did. We got a little rain on Friday and more yesterday. Other people got rain on Saturday and not on Friday or Sunday. Some people got no rain and some had flash floods. I hope we got enough to green the pastures and grow the hay grass.

The picture is last night's sunset. I've heard that the truly beautiful sunsets are caused by dust in the atmosphere. Obviously, we didn't get enough rain to settle all the dust, but it was still raining as I took the picture. The pinks and purples were so vivid that I called everyone and we just stood there under the edge of the overhang and watched to see what would happen next. What a lovely way to end Father's Day.

The garden will need weeding today and the blackberries will need picking.

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