Saturday, June 10, 2006

Is Anyone Up for a Bit of Name That Tune

My mother and I were just reminiscing about songs she used to sing when we were young. She plays the piano now, but used to play the guitar and banjo, too, way back when. She and some of her friends used to get together and sing. She had fun. We all had fun. Singing in the car was one of my favorite things. Anyway, I decided to put together a "play list" for a present for my mother. I have one problem. I don't know the name of one of the songs nor the name of the original artist. I do remember most of the words, even though I haven't heard the song in at least 25 years

Can you name this Song or the original artist??
Had a rusty railroad shack by the river shore
Where the Mississippi River ran by the door

Nothing seemed to work out everything went wrong
So I moved across the river just so I could be alone

Its rained for six whole days and nights, I need you more and more
but the Mississippi River just keeps rising on the shore

That old Mississippi River just gets wider everyday
Its Keeping us apart and keeping you away.
The Lord knows how I hoped and the Lord knows how I prayed
but the Mississippi River just keeps rising every day. Rising.
I realize this isn't top forty, but can anyone help??


mull-berry said...

try googling: lyrics and include some of the wording ... you might hit the jackpot.

We crossed the Mississippi twice ... at Memphis and Baton Rouge. What a grand river ... it would certainly put a stop to your wagon train in the old days!

wisteria said...

I have tried several of the lyric sites. I actually exhausted all known resources before posting. I only posted after googling, browsing all possible artists in the iTunes music store, and calling some friends I hadn't talked to in ages. Everyone has provided at least one good lead (possible artist or hint). Again, it is an obscure song. I obsessively searched yesterday and into the night. Maybe I will find it today after my son leaves for camp.

wisteria said...

The Mississippi has such a rich history. I found thousands of songs written about the river in my search. The Mississippi figures prominently in much Southern Literature. Its flooding and flow have molded history as the water has changed the landscape of the basin.