Monday, June 05, 2006

Night Sounds

Last night, I was awakened not by any of the usual noises - dog barking, cats climbing on the screens, or bumps and thuds - or smells - skunks, but by the quiet of the softest rain. There was no wind, lightening, or thunder. Yet, I woke to hear the gentle rain tapping on the tin roof and on the parched ground. Maybe what woke me was the silent cheering of the trees, grass, and the plants my garden.

We have been so dry and even this rain was not forecast and not anywhere close to enough. I've been using the water hose just to keep the plants alive, yet the water hose is no substitute for the rain. This morning the garden looks so fresh. The beans and peas I planted between the corn look so much better. They might live. This has been a strange gardening year. We had so much rain and cold early that I struggled to find a day to plant. Then, we got so hot and dry that the plants I finally coerced out of the ground nearly burned. Then we had wind, lots of rain, and cool weather which stressed the plants. Finally, we are having unseasonal hot and dry, again.

I am waiting patiently for the first tomato (hopefully next week) which I will eat in my first tomato sandwich of the year. By the end of the summer, I will not want a tomato sandwich because of all the ones before, but now I go out and stare longingly at the tomatoes hanging on the vines.

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