Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Even more Mischief by the Yellow Dog

The Yellow Dog doesn't look like a ferocious beast. Most of the time he can be found lazing around on one of the porches or in the yard (just as pictured). But . . . the dog is full of mischief. When we first got him he chewed shoes. Then, he tore the screens on the dog trot and came and went at will with our possessions. Since then, he has been banished from unsupervised outside play time during the day because he killed a few of my chickens. I honestly think he was just playing with them because he didn't break the skin. They are dead none-the-less and I just can't let him play with any more.

Next, he started chasing the calves at night (when he was let out). It is difficult to keep weight on grass fed beef when they are chased all night long. Now, even in his restrained, supervised existence, he has ripped the drain pipes from underneath the house. Last night when the Princess took a bath, all the bath water ran out onto the ground into a big puddle at the back of the house.

After a bit of exploration , we determined that the toilet drain was not involved. Thank goodness! We were able to wait to make repairs until today. My handy man husband fixed it after he shipped the calves and before he went to his purchasing job. My husband is losing patience with the Yellow Dog. I am too! But you have to admit that if you think about it the right way, having a completely mischievous dog is amusing. I wonder what he will do next.

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