Friday, June 23, 2006


I just had my first real BLT of the season. By real, I mean . . .

I interrupt this blog for this wonderful news . . It has just started raining. I am so excited, thankful, relieved. This was not forecast and will not last, but right now it is raining - real rain, not just sprinkles.

OK, back to the BLT. By real, I mean with vine ripened tomatoes. I picked my first ripe sandwich tomato yesterday. I use my home-made wheat bread that is lightened with a bit of white flour, lightly toasted, slathered with some good mayonnaise. I add slices of thick cut, smoked bacon, two slabs of tomato and lettuce. Finish the sandwich with a drizzle of specially made balsamic vinaigrette. Not exactly low fat, but oh so yummy.

I wonder how long it will take for my sisters to get here? My younger sister drives the 3 hour round trip just for the sandwich.


Susan said...

Could you drive one over? :) I am so jealous - I LOVE your BLT's.

We have had some rain but not enough.

wisteria said...

I feel for you with your sick children, but not that sorry. You come for a visit. The fresh air will heal your baby.