Wednesday, June 21, 2006


I have wax all over the kitchen. We harvested some honey a few days ago and some of the combs weren't nice enough to put in jars and we also have foundation that was removed from some old short(honey) frames that we set up and didn't get to use that got ruined during storage and moving. We needed the frames for this late honey flow so the children and I removed foundation and re-applied. All these piles of foundation and bowls of comb are sitting around waited to be cleaned. Cleaning wax is time consuming so it may sit there a while. To clean I put the wax in an old stocking (or ballet tight in our case) and place it in water. I, then, heat the water so that the wax melts and flows out of the stocking and the trash (bee parts and dirt) are left inside the stocking. Once the water cools you have a slab of wax on the top. Unfortunately, you sometimes have to repeat the process. The pot, as you can imagine, is waxy.

The children have asked at least a hundred times, just today, when the wax will be ready so they can make candles. It didn't get done today, maybe tomorrow.

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