Sunday, June 25, 2006

Reality Check

My vacuum cleaner ceased functioning a few weeks ago. I, finally, purchased a new one this week. I had to search for the perfect vacuum for this house. I needed one that would pick up well on wood floors and work on the rugs. I also needed something that had a hose that would reach the 17 foot ceilings to eliminate the cob webs and would clean all the little nooks and crannies. This is a tall order for one vacuum cleaner so it took me a while to find a good match.

Yesterday, I used the vacuum and I must say I am astounded by the dirt and pet hair in our house. This new vacuum has a feature I didn't need, a clear canister to capture the dirt. The new vacuum is one of those bag-less models, which I like. But, does the canister have to be clear? I am horrified at how dirty the house was. Yuk!

Maybe this is a good thing - another motivation to clean. Knowing how disgustingly dirty things are could inspire me to push the vacuum more. Or . . . I could institute a competition to see which room has the most dirt (or the least) by marking and emptying the canister after each room.

I do know that the new vacuum provided a reality check concerning the state of home maintenance. I need to get busy.


Frankie said...

lol...I know what you mean! We have one bad-shedder dog and two cats. I fill that see-through canister up just vacuuming my living room. It always amazes me because I just don't see that much hair on my carpet.

What kind of vacuum did you get?

wisteria said...

I got a Dyson for the telescoping 17 foot wand. They say it is for easy stairs. I say it is for ceilings.

Henry Cate said...

A clear vacumn cleaner sounds cool to me. Can you pull a Tom Sawyer and reward your children with letting them have turns?

Frankie said...

When we moved to Minnesota, I came to know spiders. We have spider webs everywhere, and a 17-foot wand sounds like a wonderful invention.

wisteria said...

The children have been taking turns. I am lucky I have gotten to use my new toy at all. Seeing the dirt is obviously a big draw for them, too. Once the new wears off, I'm sure I will have to scheme like Tom Sawyer to get them to touch it, but right now they need no incentive expect watching the horrifying amounts of filth slide into that clear chamber.