Sunday, June 11, 2006

My son left and I didn't cry

Yet! I know he will have a great time and I know it is time for him to fledge, but I am worried that he won't be happy, won't be able to keep up with his stuff, and won't be comfortable enough to ask for help. I am going to spend some quality time with my little princess and do some much needed catch up and cleaning this week. I will keep myself busy so I won't think about all the possibilities.


Almost Lazarus said...

My kids leave next Saturday to be counselors at 4-H camp for a week. They've received more than adequate training in how to keep the campers and their stuff together... and how to deal with all the most common camp problems. Trust me, your son will be fine and well taken care of. The people in charge have seen it ALL before.

Frankie said...

Because I'm heavily involved in Cub Scouts, I know a lot of people in Boy Scouts...they tell me the first day or two for the young campers they might miss home, *but* they keep them so busy and have so many fun activities that the boys have a blast. I'm willing to bet he'll have a lot of fun and be very happy. (Now you tell me this next year, okay?)

I am house sitting this summer for the program director of our district camp. She lives in a family cabin, takes her three kids, and stays for eight weeks. She told me it is usually the parents that have the hardest time.

Wishing a very busy week for you. ;-)

wisteria said...

Thanks ya'll!

griffin said...

wow, I can relate: Leo went camping with friends for a week -a 1:1 adult:child ratio, and I still fretted and missed him terribly --but he had the time of his life!!
The pay off is hearing all the stories of all the great adventures when they come back!

ps, now that he is out the door it's ok to cry

Myrtle said...

My son left too to visit relatives.

This is the first time he's packed for himself. I told him he'd need eight outfits and to think "hot hot weather." I noticed that most of his shorts are still on the shelf. Hmmm.

Mother Crone's Homeschool said...

Are you sure we aren't sharing the same brain wave on this? I have started my youngest practicing putting her dirty clothes in a laundry bag and trying new foods now, so she will be practiced by the time camp comes next month! It is just the mother's worry gene! I am sure he will have a blast!

wisteria said...

My son is a jeans and Justin boots kind of boy. He refuses on most occasions to wear anything else. I secretly packed two pairs of shorts. As hot as it has been, hopefully, he will have sense enough to put them on.

Myrtle, your son may come home with cut-offs or with a new found understanding of what to wear when the temperatures are soaring.