Monday, June 26, 2006


My son has been at it, again. I get great pleasure from my iTunes play lists. I can choose a list to suit my mood - calm rage, lift spirits, salve wounded psyche, wax nostalgic, celebrate euphoria, or garner strength. A few days ago, the Bee Gees Jive Talking showed up on the play list I am working on for my Mother (Did anyone think of the name of that song?). My son uses iTunes and has his own play list, and though I couldn't imagine why he would want that song, I just assumed his finger slipped and accidentally placed that song in Mom's list.

This morning, I was listening to Beethoven's Symphony No. 6 and the Bee Gees Jive Talking popped up between movement 2 and 3. I, again, suspected nothing. This afternoon, as I was winding down, I put on my five o'clock list and guess what? Jive Talking, yet again. Understanding of slips of the mouse, but not stupid, I looked at all the play lists. Every one of them has at least one instance of Jive Talking some have two or three. I called for my son to come explain. He didn't have to come too far. He was standing outside the window, sniggering.

Why the Bee Gees? How did he know that would be funny? We have never played that song in this house. I have never gotten that sentimental. He got it from a Rock Legends CD that some sales person gave my husband.

He got the laugh he was seeking. Good Joke!


mull-berry said...

Hook, line and sinker. Chalk one up for him! Hee hee.

wisteria said...

I wonder where he will strike next?

Natalie said...

HAHA! I like his sense of humor.

Most of the songs on our playlist are 60s and 70s. Most of it belongs to Jack, but not all. Katie has a thing for ABBA (of course, she's 14. It's a rite of passage).

No BeeGees, though. lol

wisteria said...

I'll send over my son!