Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Camp Update #2

My son just called from the infirmary at the camp. He has been stung on the eye lid by a wasp (only 2 weeks ago I was stung on the eye by a honey bee so know how miserable he could be). He wanted to know if he was allergic to the benedryl and tylenol they were about to give him. He sounded like he was doing everything in this power to be tough. I don't know why boys feel like they can't cry. I have never taught that behavior. In my opinion, crying is highly under-rated.

He wanted me to come for parent's night tomorrow night and take him home. He said he was having a good time except at night. To my credit, I didn't start crying until I finished talking to him. I am so torn. On one hand I know there are important lessons to be learned by sticking with a tough project. On the other hand, I feel it is important for him to know he is always welcome at home and that I will come if he needs me.

I called my husband who is at the camp. He will check on the young camper and report to me in a few minutes.


Almost Lazarus said...

If dad is there, do everything in your power to convince him to stick it out. Maybe he can stay with dad at night? He'll miss so much and be unhappy if he comes home, trust me.

Becky said...

Having your husband there at the camp but only kind of/sort of with your son is a fabulous arrangement! I agree with Laz about sticking it out, especially since dad is nearby.

You, however, may need some chocolate and some other powerful distraction...

Frankie said...

My husband and I just discussed this scenario and we think that if our son, who is 10, was absolutely *miserable* at night and begging to come home, we would take him home. The wasp sting is a factor in our equation, too. I think we would both do some prodding and major encouragement to get him to stay, though.

He's young and there are many years ahead of him and opportunities for Boy Scout Camp.

Both DH and I feel that is a tough situation. I feel for you.

I hope his eye isn't too painful and heals quickly.

wisteria said...

Thanks for all the support. I need it. My husband called this morning and my son's stings are doing much better. I believe my son is mostly having a good time. We've decided that it would be better if I don't attend the parents' night. I don't know how strong my resolve to have him stay is.

Anonymous said...

HaYY this is Taylor! Just last about 3 hours ago i wuz stung by a red wasp on the eye lid and it wuz VERY painful and i cryed like a baby! so teLL him its okay to cry. I sure did!