Tuesday, April 11, 2006

More Yellow Dog

My sister's family is waiting on more yellow dog pictures and stories. Here they are! The yellow dog is growing and his personality is developing into something akin to Hank of Hank, the Cowdog fame. By the way, if you haven't read this series, treat yourself to a laugh. Hank is a Maxwell Smart type character who believes he is protecting the ranch, while all the time causing mischief and mayhem. Our yellow dog is growing into the character by leaps and bounds. Only last night he protected us by barking at the cows - our cows - for hours on end. We went out and checked, and checked, and checked. Nothing out of the ordinary, but our fearless yellow dog could not be convinced.

He has gotten so big that when he jumps to greet the children, he knocks them down. He greets me every morning for the walk to the chicken coop and barn by running circles around me. I can barely find a place to step without falling. And that tail. . . it could be classified as a weapon of destruction. One swish and things start tumbling. He is just so excited to see a person after a long night with the cats and cows.

The yellow dog contemplates baby chicks from beneath the restructured, restructured coop. I hope this does not become a problem. The big chickens give him a wide berth and he leaves them alone other than occasionally stealing their food. He is a vacuum cleaner like eater - not picky in the least. His favorites are whatever someone or something else is eating at the time. Yesterday, he was running around and around the house with a mouse in his mouth. I'm sure one of the cats caught it at the feed shed, but the yellow dog claimed it for his own and was so excited about it. I'm not sure if he actually ingested it, but he had fun with it. Boredom does not exist when you own a yellow dog.

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