Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Less than two weeks

Angela reminded me in her comment for the last post that Thanksgiving is less than two weeks away. Honestly, it doesn't seem possible for the year to have gone by so quickly. It seems like yesterday that I was doing the Am I My Best Self? questionnaire. I haven't made as much progress as I would have liked on that agenda. I have made some progress, though. I no longer drink one Tab a day. I am down to one a week - alright sometimes two.

Even without Tab, I truly love Thanksgiving - the holiday without all the commercialism unless you count the official starting day of Christmas shopping on the day after. I would love to plan everything and have everyone come to my house. For those hosting this year, I know that sounds crazy. I do get to bring a few dishes. I just love to think about the possibilities, but I also like the tradition.

What about you? What's your favorite Thanksgiving food? Do you like to prepare or attend?


Mrs. G. said...

I don't know how to tell you this, but you better sit down. Thanksgiving is only 8 days away...a week from Thursday. I just don't want you to miss it or anything. What are friends for?

My favorite food is my husband's stuffing-sausage and chestnuts. Also, his cherry pie.

Susan T. said...

Hey, Wisteria. I like to cook Thanksgiving dinner. My favorite thing? The cranberry chutney. I have a couple of good recipes, and it so beats that "jellied" stuff that retains the imprint of the can.

I have a couple of big projects to finish, though, before I can even think of making stuff. This time of year gets to be nutty.

Angela said...

I love cooking Thanksgiving dinner, so much in fact that we do it three times a year! We started doing it to celebrate the Ides of March as a joke years ago, and then again in the summer (or own version of Christmas in July). I have a huge old-speckled aluminum roaster from my great-grandmother that we refer to as "the magic Pan" as it has never failed ot make a perfect bird (with no basting!) in over 60 years!
I love making bread & sausage stuffing, and quadruple the recipe as it freezes so well. I also love corn pudding, candied yams, and all the rest.

ZILLA said...

I like to put on a very casual, outrageously simple but tasty Thanksgiving dinner for family & friends. My favorite recipe, though, is one from my aunt for sweet potato casserole. I think I'll make that for Christmas dinner this year.

I also have to admit that I love to eat the skin of a lightly seasoned, well-browned bird. My family (especially Moose) thinks this is disgusting, but I'm tellin' ya, crisp turkey skin is better than potato chips, and I'm so thankful I don't have to share it!

Becky said...

I love my grandmother's bread stuffing, and the only way I can get it is to make it myself.

I like to prepare Thanksgiving because that way I can make sure it tastes way it should. No stuffing out of a box, no cranberry sauce out of a can. And it's the only way, in Canada at least, to make sure we get Thanksgiving in late November...