Saturday, November 10, 2007

I know everyone thought I was going to miss a day

I wasn't sure about it myself. I probably need to miss a day to restore a sense of balance, but my sense of competitive spirit and obligation has me lashed to the keyboard. Speaking of obligation . . . Having a daughter who is dancing both casts and both acts of the Nutcracker is more of an obligation than I ever imagined. Not only is there more driving time and more waiting time (I took my pecans for today's four hour session. She was embarrassed.), but there is more time for you to be accosted by The Guild. If I go to any more practices, I will need to get a cot and move in to the studio to fulfill all the tasks they feel I need to complete before performance. Of course, I will have to bring my kitchen with me.

This volunteering thing starts innocuously enough. A friend needs some help making a few favors. Because some other chair person sees me helping, they ask about another small task. Since I stayed backstage last year, it is assumed that I will do backstage duty this year. Then, before you know it I am producing cheese straws for The Nutcracker Tea and The Sugar Plum Tea which have 200 guests each. All this while spending 6 hours away from my home today, 4 hours next Tuesday, 6 hours next Thursday, and 6 hours next Saturday.

I really must learn to say, NO!!!


Elaine Green said...

Ahhhh, Nutcracker. I have four girls dancing this year, five performances over Thanksgiving weekend. One girl is Clara, one a snowflake, one a party boy, and the fourth a gingersnap (or cookie, as she says.) Two need hair done in ringlets for all five performances, plus dress rehearsals. Each of the girls will need an hour of hair prep time, at least, for each hair prep session. Fortunately, they do their own make-up. One rehearsal slot on Friday afternoon for one girl, three slots on Saturday for the others.

The only thing I volunteer to do is work box office for one of the five performances. I figure, getting four girls there is enough. Plus, I'm sixty years old, and it's my feeling the young moms can do more.

I have been doing this for fourteen years. Oldest daughter now a dance major at Smith College in Massachusetts, four young ones still at home and all ballerinas.

I want my own parking place at the dance that too much to ask?

Elaine in Montana
mom to eight ranging from 29 to 11, two bio, six internationally adopted (Korea, China)

Wisteria said...

Hi Elaine, Thanks for stopping by. I guess I'll quit complaining now. But, I'm still going to say no more. You do deserve a parking place at the studio and a dressing room at the theatre to yourself.

mull-berry said...

We just finished football season with only the team party left. I feel like three months have been taken from us. Hang in there, girl!

ZILLA said...

I knew you would NOT miss a day. You're a Leo, right? You love a challenge, enjoy a little limelight, and keep your promises. Nutcracker season is your time to shine, even if from behind the scenes.

Another "Oh, duh!" moment: you ARE the nutcracker! That fact completely escaped me earlier!

Angela said...

It is awful how they suck you in, isn't it? As good as I get with it, I still have to bite hard on my tongue to fight my initial reaction "Of course, I can." It helps to remember that while you can, you really, really shouldn't if you want to keep your sanity!!!