Sunday, November 04, 2007


We had 63 pounds of pecans cracked at the Co-op last week and there are at least that many on the ground. Sounds like a lot of pecans, doesn't it? But it is only the beginning. The 63 lbs are only the first batch off the first two trees. We have another variety (four trees) that harvest a little later, and the two trees we collected are still throwing pecans at us when we walk outside.

This is a good pecan year. Why, I can't tell you since the early season drought almost killed the mature trees and did kill our 10 baby pecan trees. The two trees in the yard that produce the bigger, earlier pecans get water from the garden and from my children when they choose to do water experiments thereby flooding the yard. I cannot imagine how the others got enough moisture. Perhaps they thought the end was near and gave their last energy to reproduction and will kill over as soon as we get all the wood chopped from the last dead tree.

Anyway, every spare minute is spent picking out pecans. The Co-op didn't have the machine adjusted as well as they did last year and the picking is sloooow. The 63 lbs will be reduced to less than half that amount of pecan meats which is truly depressing, but there will be plenty for some pecan pies made with honey for Thanksgiving and lots for the freezer.

Do you think ballet moms would think I was crazy if brought pecans and picked them while I waited? I don't want to embarrass Princess.


ZILLA said...

I'd consider it crazy if you didn't pick pecans while waiting. You kiddin' me? With all you've got to do? Pick away! Teach the moms a thing or two. Heck, ENLIST them!

Up here, harvesting cherries usually involves a machine that shakes the trees. Local teens and migrant workers also play an important role.

Are pecan trees shaken?

I'll be drifting off to sleep fantasizing about butter pecan ice cream and pecan sandies. Sadly, Northerners have not yet mastered the art of pecan pie.

Kate in NJ said...

I'm with Zilla!
Pick away...I'm very jealous of
your pecan trees....mmm pecan pie!

Susan said...

I think ballet moms will be jealous and will want pecans.

Wisteria said...

Pecan trees would be shaken if we were even marginally concerned about production and weren't so concerned with limbs breaking off these ancient trees and falling on the house.