Friday, November 09, 2007

The Orange Kitten has a Name

After a week or so of trying on names, I have decided to name my kitten after my blogging buddy Zilla. Though I felt a bit forward and a little hesitant crossing the barrier between internet world and physical world, the name fit, and even the children thought Zilla was a sizzily enough name for this handful of sproinky fur. I liked all the other suggested names including blogger Zilla's second suggestion, Sassafras, but saying Zilla makes everyone smile, so Zilla it is.

With this bold move perhaps the bunny episode can be put into the past. Perhaps the kitten will continue to exhibit the traits which make her most Zillaish - stunning intellect, curiosity, and a kind heart. And perhaps saying Zilla every single day will make us all smile.


ZILLA said...

Bunny episode?

What have I missed?

I think smiles are important.

Yesterday, Beanpole's mom & his other step-mom came in because they had seen me through the window, introducing Steve to Beanpole. They looked at the cat and squealed appropriately, then one of them asked, "What's his name?" I said, "Steve."

I'm sure the cackling was heard six blocks away.

Alpharat gets credit for Steve, by the way. I think he brought that name up when we were trying to name Koko.

I am so honored to have a feline namesake in the great state of Mississippi! I will try to live up to her finest qualities while refraining from clawing the curtains.

Frankie said...

I think it's lovely that you chose the name zilla!

Enjoy the kitty!

Wisteria said...

Your Jenny-Bunny-Bunny bunny story from the last kitty post. Steve is an interesting name for a cat, but I never questioned it because I own a cat named Rubber Dinghy.

Angela said...

I think Zilla is a great name! We have yet to cross the boundary beyond pet nicknames after real people, but that is probably because we do so in not the most admirable terms. (we ahve had some really dumb dogs, and my DH has some really dumb relatives!)

ZILLA said...

::knocks self on forehead with open palm. Doh! THAT bunny episode!

Kate in NJ said...

I love that!!
Zilla is a cool name and deserves to be bestowed upon a cat!