Sunday, November 18, 2007

Christmas Gifts

If you are family and expecting gifts from my family, read no further if you like surprises.

I suppose it is alright to talk about Christmas since decorations have been up since Halloween and Frankie has already been to a Christmas parade up in Minnesota. Do you remember when I told you about my husband's family deciding to make presents this year rather than buying and how I was going to make one present per month? Well, I didn't do it. In January, Christmas seemed like ages away. March and April had garden and beekeeping chores that made me forget Christmas presents. May, June, and July were spent knee deep in vegetables. August was too hot to think about Christmas. September and October were spent getting into the rhythms of school and activities. November brought Nutcracker rehearsals, though panic began to creep into the far corners of my mind. I did manage to get a few gifts done, but no where close to my goal of having been finished by now.

Princess is a better gifter than I. She is almost finished. She completed these super cute potted plant bugs just this week. They are made of Sculpey and coated paper clips. Aren't they happy? I was hoping to get one of these, but alas, I was not on the pot bug list. She has other gifts wrapped already. How is it possible that I didn't pass on that procrastination gene?

Now, to make something - anything! Suggestions???????


mull-berry said...

A festive bow on any of your beautiful canning jars would make a great gift.

Angela said...

Do you sew? I have the easiest pattern for comfort bags that I can email you. Last year, NatureGirl and I made twenty of them in two afternoons. They are fairly cheap as well, and you use feed corn for the innards! Let me know!

ZILLA said...

Are you still striving for "individualized" gifts, or would you settle at this point for "one size fits all?"

If you're not gifting any of your delightful preserves this year, I'm suggesting festive holiday suet cakes, IF it gets cool enough for suet in central Mississippi. It's not as boring as it sounds. In fact, it's only as boring as the limits of your imagi nation, and we both know your imagination has no limits (I've seen your Christmas cookies!) You'd be giving the gift of all natural, clutter-free beauty! Of course, if everyone's heart is set on a keepsake, this idea won't work, as the birds will, you know, eat the suet :-)

I wish I had time to dig up and photograph my grandmother's hand made scene-inside-an-eggshell Christmas ornaments. You'd have time to put 12 of those together. You could make each scene personal, and YOU wouldn't have to shop for eggs.

Which reminds me, one of the scenes in my grandmother's ornaments depicted a couple of pretty little chickens feeding on corn in winter. The outside of the egg was decorated with orange and red and gold-toned cording and beads. She taught me how to make these when I was a kid, but I could never quite bring myself to make mine as "ornate" (by which I mean gawdy, forgive me) as hers, but they are such fun, and I have some still that are over thirty years old. Wonderful keepsakes!

ZILLA said...

PS: Why am I not yet packing??? :-)

Mrs. G. said...

I am fresh out of ideas...I think you need to talk to Princess. She's got her stuff together. I do like to make special cds for people--with music I think they will like. Good luck, honey.

Wisteria said...

I am planning on giving a few jars of jelly, but I need more.

I do sew. In fact, making Princess' Christmas dress is on my list. Do you mind sending me the pattern?

Suet Cakes - I never thought about them. I'll investigate. My aunt used to make those eggs and they are lovely. I was too young to care about the technicalities when she was able to tell. How do you cut the shells to make the window? I could make some of those, but I don't know how to cut the shell without breaking the part I need. Why aren't you packed??!!!!

ZILLA said...

Cutting the eggs is the hardest part. After the eggs are blown, trace the shape for the window, then cut slowly and carefully with cuticle scissors, working from the center toward the edges. There will be some goofs, but all but the worst of them can be camouflaged and reinforced with the exterior decorations.

Packed my red nylon Nike duffel bag, last minute, with room to spare!