Tuesday, November 06, 2007


I just got back from the polls. Mississippi had some state contests and there were many county races. When I go to the polls I have a feel good, patriotic spirit. I took the children and I felt good about that too. Yet, when I walked away from my polling station, I felt let down. I've felt this way for the last few elections. Though I made choices, they didn't feel like real choices. Actually, in many of the races there was no choice - one candidate only, but that's not what I mean. Will choosing one candidate over the other really bring about change or even make a difference? Is there enough difference (besides sex, hair color, weight, height and what not) between our local candidates to even notice?

Maybe next year.


ZILLA said...

Well, you're a better woman than I. I feel the same way about the limited choices, so I generally abstain, unless there is something on the ballot I feel VERY strongly about, and that's usually an expensive conservation/preservation-oriented proposal that typically loses. The other issue is, I'm not really from "around these parts," and I know I won't stay forever, so I don't feel too badly about leaving the local stuff to those who've been here for generations and have a more vested interest. Oddly enough, I find myself opposing them on many issues, and I think I have fairly responsible and cautious principles! Funding to preserve agricultural land was voted down! I nearly cried!

Kate in NJ said...

We always go together when my DH gets home from work. P loves talking about
who we voted for and why on the way home. I hear you on the differences not being great enough.:-(