Sunday, November 11, 2007

Another favorite thing!

I'm continuing my round-up of favorite things. I was going to wait to combine this favorite with a post on how I run my kitchen, answering questions from past posts like: Do you serve your family enough iodine when you use coarse salt; how many cookbooks do you have; and how do you keep up with your recipes? But desperation and Mrs. G called, and I will post one of my kitchen secrets now.

I love my recipe software, A Cooks Book. I have worked my way through many programs and though all have some similar features, none make me as happy as this work in progress program which I have used about 8 years (just guessing). The individual, Tony Cate, his 3 cats, and his Mac who wrote and upgrade this program listen to the users. He fixes, adds, and improves all the time. But, what I love about this program is that it doesn't need to be fixed that often. It is a small program that doesn't hog up your whole computer. It is as flexible as each individual user. You can import recipes from almost any format and can drag and drop recipes from emails and the web. You can plan meals and print grocery lists. You can search recipes by ingredients, categories, quick lists, publications . . . . And for the health conscious there is nutritional tracking of meals and recipes. Check out the website for all the features. You can even download a demo and try it (Mac users only!).

Combined with another kitchen secret that I will divulge within the week, planning and cooking is a snap.


ZILLA said...

Uh-oh. I had a cookbook program on my dead HP laptop. What I loved about it was that it broke down all of the nutritional info for each recipe, even those I imported, which I really liked being able to do.

Since I have to decide whether to replace the old system (foolishly, I bought the download and not the CD) or choose a new one, I'll ask, does your favorite do the nutritional breakdowns?

(I know not everyone shares this neurosis of mine :-))

Our experiment this season will be subbing olive oil for butter in Chex Mix. In my mind it's a silly substitution because it's a party snack, but I have this compulsion to try it out that I just can't explain! I'm wondering if the Worcestershire masks the flavor of butter to the degree that the switch will be undetectable. I'll be posting the experiment & results. I know you can't wait. I'm rambling because I've got 30 minutes until I have to pull dinner from the oven ... AND I had a post "shampoo" glass of wine :-)

Wisteria said...

I don't do Chex Mix(but my in-laws do), but I would suspect that olive oil would be an improvement. I would also guess that anything that you put Worcestershire on would be masked. I'm waiting with baited breath.

I also don't do dinner Sunday Night - my husband's wishes. I'm feeling lucky.

Mrs. G. said...

I have not heard of this software. I am off to Ebay to see if I can find a copy. I love anything that eases the burden of daily meal planning and cooking.