Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Second Chance

I have been playing catch-up all day. My time spent away from work is showing in the piles on my desk and a to-do list that seems never ending. I started on one project - my least favorite- and while I was steadily working my way through a mail campaign list, a representative from a magazine starts emailing and calling asking for an ad that is obviously due, though when I bought the ad on Friday the art due date wasn't mentioned. I didn't answer the phone. I didn't respond to his email. He just kept emailing - over and over. Then he emailed and asked if I needed help with the ad.

I'm not sure why, but the last email struck a nerve. I clicked the respond button and tapped out a pert and somewhat snarky retort in which I may have mentioned the insignificance of his publication. Then, I clicked send.

For some unknown reason the email system had a momentary glitch and I got a warning asking if I'd like to send the mail later or use one of my other servers. REPRIEVE! I immediately deleted the email and started working on the ad because I knew he was just doing his job and though there was an obvious miscommunication about the art deadline, it was probably not his fault. I have since emailed the ad with a short note thanking him for his patience.

I'm glad I got a second chance. But isn't that weird?? What are the chances that an email doesn't go through right at the moment you said something totally unprofessional and completely inappropriate?


JoVE said...

There is an e-mail fairy!?

But I'm not sure his behaviour was entirely professional either. Harrassing people isn't going to get the job done well. and it is likely to piss off important clients. given that magazines live and die by advertising revenue...

ZILLA said...

I've sent a couple of emails this week that probably called for intervention, but they were personal, and only likely to cause damage if they're fwded to my former mother in-law :-) Oops.

The powers of the Universe smile upon you when you least expect it. Nothing short of a miracle!