Sunday, November 25, 2007

Obviously, I failed

I failed. I didn't write yesterday and I have no intention writing any more than this tonight. Sorry, NaBloPoMo people. I've got some great pictures of a cane syruping that I'll share tomorrow, but I can't do another thing tonight.


Angela said...

Enjoy your evening off...and don't fret it. I have been having trouble just posting three times a week right now!

ZILLA said...

Sometimes what appears to be failure is a sacrifice to something more important. In that case, forgiveness isn't called for, so much as applause.

You've outdone yourself while I was away, and it's been so much fun catching up. Thank you!

(I'm asking Santa, by the way, to figure out a way to give me a fabric shopping trip with YOU for Christmas. :-) Still loving your

Wisteria said...

I wish I had sacrificed for something insanely important, but alas it is only fatigue from driving E back and forth to rehearsal. All will be back to normal next week.