Thursday, May 11, 2006

What's With That?

Last night was my daughter's final ballet performance of the season. Even with more atrocious weather we made it to Thalia Mara Hall with dancer, costume, ballet shoes, make up, and hair gel. I did forget the tickets, but called the Director from the car and he fixed it for me. My husband, his mother, my son, my sister, her son and daughter, and her husband also made it to the performance.

I stayed back stage with the Princess(No, I am not one of those pushy backstage moms, just a friendly face in the sea of chaos). My husband was supposed to video the performance. He did, only he didn't video our child for over half of the dance. What is with that? How can he not know his own child? He has lived with us these past six years. He delivered this child and yet he could not pick her out of 12 girls. He even did close ups of the other child. He zoomed in for 2 or 3 minutes and still did not notice that she did not even resemble Princess. I don't get how that could happen. I know the spirit of the child, the movement, and the detail. I could never mistake another for my own and cannot understand how he could. What is with that?


Mother Crone's Homeschool said...

Is it that distracted male syndrome? Or the disease the inhibits attention to detail? I'm with you on that one...can't even imagine how that could happen. But, then again, I am an adoring mother. We would never mistake our own!

zilla said...

Men! Or, perhaps it's time for an eye exam?

Curtain calls for Princess! Bravo! Bravo!!

wisteria said...

I've looked at the video again as I was transferring it to a tape. I am trying to laugh about it but just can't. I will get him an appointment for an eye exam, so I can rule out that.

Natalie said...

I recognized her! She was the one who looked like she was in charge! LOL Seriously, she would glance at the girls on either side of her, but I realized that she was making sure they were doing it right, because she did not appear to be following their lead. She was adorable. I wish I had video taped her for you.

Our (4 yo) ballet princess made it through her performance despite being too sick to attend staging and dress rehearsal. She had a nice time. I asked if she had been nervous, and she said, "No Mommy, it was egg-CITING!"

wisteria said...

I'm not sure she was feeling as confident as you say she looked. She was a bit nervous for the first time ever.

Your princess and all the other Wahoo's were soooo cute! What a precious group of little girls. They seemed to be having such a great time!!