Thursday, May 04, 2006

Free Ranging

My chickens have been steadily moving further and further away from the chicken hut. When I first gave them free range I was scared that I had waited too long. They just didn't seem inclined to move more than 50 feet from the hut. All of the other chickens we have had in the past seemed to burst forth much more quickly. This past week the chicks have been in the back yard, side yard, and further into the pasture than ever before. They progressed by leaps and bounds.

Still, if I or either of the children go anywhere near they run up to see if we brought any treats, pecking frantically at our feet. They love waffles and pancakes especially if they are dripping in strawberry syrup or honey. They are also partial to grits and rice, but will grab and run with anything thrown their way. Then the whole mob will fight over it. We always bring enough for every bird, but the competition is still startling!

Isn't it funny how homeschooling, children and farm animals have so much in common.

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