Sunday, May 28, 2006


We moved into this house almost a year and a half ago. I bought fabric about six months ago. Yesterday, because I didn't want to clean the school stuff from under the counters, I made the lined shades to keep the sun from blasting through the west windows into the kitchen thereby turning it into a sauna. In my defense it was so hot! I think the temperatures outside were 92, but with the 50% humidity it felt hotter. It was cooler inside, but the humidity was the same. I was problem solving, not procrastinating.

Today, because the kitchen is cooler and has that nice filtered light, I will finish cleaning the school stuff. Unless, I can find something else more pressing.

Help!!! I am so good at procrastination.

If I ever get the kitchen de-schooled, I will post pictures of my memorial kitchen that I got to design and help build within the walls of this old house.

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