Tuesday, May 23, 2006


One of the bags containing perfect wedding gifts, wrapped in Bolivar Chronicle overruns, for my good friends who are getting married next month and ex students who are marrying next weekend. I am so excited that I was able to get something beautiful and useful, all in a timely manner.

My MIL, ever efficient, was able to get us to Merigold at 9:56 a.m. this morning. McCarty's opens at 10 and within minutes the small showroom was packed. We were able to shop while we could still appreciate the subtleties of shape, texture, and color and before we felt pressured by all the others who were looking for similarly priced pieces. After choosing a few pieces, we took a break and walked the gardens.

The gardens are beautiful in their naturalness. Limbs of small trees are allowed to flow over the paths and moss is allowed to cover surfaces of the fountain. Yet, there is structure in the rooms and pebble paths. Carefully controlled Bamboo and aged cypress is the canvas for the other plants (many of which are singles). The verti-linear movement of the bamboo and cypress has a very Asian feel, but the seemingly chaotic plantings of persimmon, fig, hydrangea, ferns, and mosses warm the atmosphere. Pottery bunnies and pigs hide in every corner. Huge pots, none of which are for sale, are thoughtfully planted and placed. I would have loved to sit and daydream in the cool, damp shade of the gardens. Instead, we were rousted back in by the swelling crowds of shoppers.

These are the pieces I bought (except for the bluebirds which I will explain later). I know! There are more than two pieces. I always say, buy a gift for others and then one for yourself. The signature Mississippi River is clearly visible on the nutmeg pieces. The vase is a replica of bamboo. The bluebirds are a gift to my children. Mr. McCarty gives each child a bluebird to ward away sadness and bad thoughts. Each bluebird is a little different and is packed in its own signature bag. Mr. McCarty signs and dates the card and teases the children and makes them feel truly special. I think he actually said, "Stop selling and wrapping, we have important visitors." He was speaking of my children who left feeling significant.

Nothing more needs to be said, but I will add that the McCarty's live their love and version of truth and you can feel it in the interaction with the customers, the unity with nature produced in the pottery, and the dedication to the small Delta town. Read their story at their web site.


Natalie said...

I deeply love that place. When I saw the McCarty's bag, I had to smile. The gardens, the studio, the fish, the bamboo. Sigh.

We're going to Greenville in two weeks. I'll have to make a trip up to Merigold.

Thanks for such a wonderful read.

wisteria said...

Did I make you a bit homesick?

We drove through Delta State U, too, though the students were gone. What a lovely campus.

We ate lunch in Cleveland at the kid friendly Warehouse.